Thursday, September 19, 2002

Survivor Thailand: Impressions
Part One

Okay, first, I want to take a bow for getting John right as the first to get booted.
He had a tense face and he was too bossy. Farewell Reverend John, and don't forget to take your Christian flag with you. Ha!

Women Impressions:
• Erin: She's a dip but she's a cute dip, so she'll fly under the radar a while.
• Tanya: If she'd refrain from talking, she'd be gorgeous. However, she will not and her accent is so jarring it made my left eye tic. D-U-M-B.
• Ghandia: Poor dear fucked up and lost her team immunity. But she's so damn sweet and lovable, all but one forgave her.
• Penny: Who? Zzzz.
• Shii Ann: A spicy little wonton. She topped that idiot skateboard boy in a spat.
• Helen: Egads, what a face. Her scowl and general unsightliness will get her the boot sooner rather than later.
• Stephanie: This bitch is crazy. She got buck nekkid and went in that snakey water at night. Gerry's replacement, with balls bigger than Ethan's.
• Jan: Little old lady city. One dangerous challenge and Granny will be out. If she's 53, I am 32. Poor old thing won't last.

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