Wednesday, September 18, 2002


Don't call or look for me online.
Thursday night is the season opener for Survivor and I am going to be glued to the TV.

The women:
Erin, 26, a single Realtor from Austin, Texas. Luxury item: body paint.
Tanya, 27, a single social worker from Gray TN. Luxury item: a brush.
Ghandia, 33, married, legal secretary from Denver, CO. Luxury item: lucky keychain.
Penny, 27, an engaged sales rep from Plano, TX. Luxury item: pajamas.
Shii Ann, 28. Single recruiter, NYC. Luxury item: lucky bag.
Helen, 47, married, Navy instructor, Rhode Island. Luxury item: daughter's doll.
Stephanie, 29, single firefighter from Arkansas. Luxury item: fuzzy slippers.
Jan, 53, married Tampa teacher. Luxury item: family photo.
The men:
Robb, 23, single bartender, Scottsdale, AZ. Luxury item: skateboard.
Brian, 34, married car salesman (former porn actor) CA. Luxury item: guitar & pick.
Ted, 37 married software developer, Durham, NC. Luxury item: Shaving kit.
Clay, 46, married restaurateur, Monroe, LA. Luxury item: golf club & ball
John, 40, married pastor, Slidell, LA. Luxury item: Christian flag.
Jake, 60, married land broker, Mc Kinney, Texas. Luxury item: journal and pen.
Jed, 25, single dental student, Dallas. Luxury item: Frisbee.
Ken, 30, single NYPD cop, Brooklyn. Luxury item: NYPD shield.

I will post my impressions after the show.
8 p.m. est 7 p.m. central
Watch it with me. Let's talk.

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