Monday, September 23, 2002

Flashing Ads

I hate flashing Internet ads, like those that pop up occasionally on Blogger.
They are like strobe lights, which have been known to prompt seizures in epileptics.
Whatever they trigger in my brain is quite unpleasant. I am a Taurus, maybe it's the human equivalent of waving a red cape in my face.
Whatever it is, I hate it.
Strobe ads or not, I am inexplicably feeling slightly ornery today.
My pal Patricia called with a long line of potential new remedies for my electrical problems. Check the fuses, check the A/C plug to see how it's wired, switch the ground wire on the new 220 outlet to the hot side like Robert my dead helper had done before, blah, blah, blah. I just told her today was not my day for pondering the mysteries of electricity.
I think the flashing strobe ads have given me a subliminal headache. I don't have a headache per se, I just feel like I could get a headache if I have to ponder anything more complicated than having a Coke or a Sprite.
The Goddess has a Cancer rising sign. That means the Moon's cycles affect her more than the average bear. She's been a mite wistful lately.
The autumn equinox started yesterday and we had a full moon on Saturday. My astrologer buddy Gare mentioned us being in Mercury retrograde until early October.
The Goddess is waxing under these conditions, while I am waning. She's showing lots more emotional vulnerability than usual, which I find endearing.
I tend to lie low and guard myself when the moon's G forces start to act up.
My new shoes have helped to mitigate my lunacy. The strobe ads have done the opposite.
The Goddess makes me want to get over this lunar nuttiness. She's worth the effort, so I believe I will.
It helps that I am wearing my new red shoes today.
Do the seasonal cycles and moon phases affect any of you?

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