Sunday, September 15, 2002

Okay, I Can Admit It

Though I don't exactly credit Dubya for coming up with the plan to force the UN's hand at enforcing Iraq's agreement to allow inspectors in to check for nuclear (or as Dubya would say, nuculer) arms manufacturing, I have to say it was *someone's* good plan.
Now the UN can either put some teeth in its orders or slink away and show the world they are obsolete at maintaining world peace, then stand aside and let the U.S. kick some ass.
The ball is in their court.
Still, I don't see why suddenly war against Saddam is such an emergency when he's already defied UN demands 16 times.
Seems to me, Daddy Bush should have laid down the law while we still had the equipment, personnel and catering trucks over there.
But this latest thing was still a pretty good plan.

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