Monday, September 02, 2002

Labor Day

Last night was a pre-Labor Day Evening of Overindulgence.
My companion and I ate a great dinner, followed by her contribution of some fabulous bread pudding with a vanilla bourbon sauce. I gained half a pound, but it was worth it.
We watched "Heartbreakers" on Showtime, then a few episodes of the Anna Nicole Smith marathon nightmare.
Heartbreakers was really funny. Sigorney Weaver is still hot and her womanliness overshadowed her pip-squeak costar Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has one of those faces you forget unless you are looking right at her. Gene Hackman as the chain smoking, liver spotted billionaire was priceless.
Anna Nicole, as mentioned by Barcodie, is a fucking mess. Last night was my first exposure to her show.
First of all, she's a high maintenance femme lesbian.
Her "assistant" Kim is a butch with purple hair. She's really a very sweet girl housed in a scary bulldyke package, but it's clear they are a couple and Anna N. calls the shots, making it the typical butch femme relationship.
Kim has a huge, colorful tattoo of Anna Nicole on her upper left arm. More evidence.
Just as Anna N. described their relationship as 'sisterly,' Kim leaned toward her face and said, "Your lipstick smells yummy." Then Anna N. kissed her on the lips. Yeah right, just like my sister and I do...
The show is like driving by a car wreck and just having to peek. It's repulsively compelling, just as I hoped it would be.
Anna N. is so typically East Texas trailer trash, it's almost like a parody. She's got a huge ass and dresses like she hasn't caught on to that fact just yet.
I'll bet the sons of that old billionaire she married just cringe when they see her show. To see their daddy's money being blown on food eating contests and over the top faggoty interior decorating must really chap their rich old hides. Ha!
Anna Nicole seems to be on some serious tranquilizers. Nobody is that slow or befuddled.

Tonight I have a blind date. Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
She's cute and she seems nice, but she likes country western music so I am going into this knowing she's already at strike one.
How's that for optimism?

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