Monday, September 23, 2002

Bloggy Monday

I was up until 3, rolling around in bed with no particular place to I ended up sleeping till an embarrassingly late hour. Too late to find a dryer fixer/electrician, that's for sure.
I may have to just go to a laundromat, the opposite of Hemingway's version of "a clean, well lighted space." I have a clothesline in my back yard but our water here is so hard, line dried clothes come out too stiff and wrinkled.

My travel plans have reached a pleasant denouement.
Now all I have to do is lay low until mid October and try to avoid my tendency to overcomplicate a potential relationship by subjecting it to more analysis than a powdery envelope in the White House mail room.
The Goddess is a good woman. I am just going to roll with what is and not contemplate the past or the future. The only power any of us has is in the present moment anyway.
I seemed to have lost another pound over the weekend, which delights me since an unopened, freshly delivered FedEx box of Old Navy clothes in smaller sizes awaits me in the living room.
I can't believe how doing just three daily reps of 12 with 10 pound dumbbells has perked up my metabolism.
My exercise physiologist and I discovered aerobic exercise didn't give me the endorphins it gives so many others. It's something about slow versus fast twitch muscles. I can't remember for sure, but I think I have slow twitchers.
I can ride a stationary bike 10 miles, and afterwards I just feel sweaty and spent. Fifteen minutes of weight lifting makes me feel like I can walk through a wall afterwards.
Gaining endorphins is not the be-all and end-all for exercisers, but without the immediate payoff of the endorphin buzz, I'm just not interested.

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