Monday, September 30, 2002

Soprano Slump?

I don't know who or what was behind last night's Sopranos episode, but it certainly left something to be desired. Seems like it was a mishmash of plot setups and nothing more.
The only memorable, hilarious scene was Tony's sister Jan treating her slimy bed partner Ralphie Cifaretto like a cheap hooker. If they want to find where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, Jan's skanky love canal would be a good place to start.
Jan's reaction to Ralphie leaving his wife and moving in with her was a little over the top.
I don't care how connected she is, you just don't kick an armed man down the stairs.
Furthermore, I didn't get the native American/Columbus Day subplot. I doubt made guys are going to draw attention to themselves by scuffling with NateAms over a parade.
Also, where was Tony's shrink appointment? I don't give a damn about seeing Dr. Melfi with her ex husband.
And what about the food? We need close-ups of all that pasta and cheese so we can live vicariously while we eat our healthy chicken and salads in front of the TV.
And why was Furio, the pony tailed Italian cheesemaker/enforcer bringing cookies to Carmella? Was that some kind of foreshadowing? Better not be.
Where was acting capo Christopher and what happened after the feds questioned his fiancee Adriana? Is he still shooting heroin between his toes? Is she still in FBI custody? Let's clean up the loose ends here, goombas.
Finally, I don't see why Nostradamus Bobby's wife Karen had to be killed in a car wreck. What, is he going to be an eligible bachelor now? Will Jan cut her evil eyes his way?

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