Thursday, September 19, 2002

It's a Bitch Being Butch.

Problem: new dryer fails to blow warm air and the timer doesn't work.
Solution: go to appliance store, ask the guy to come fix it.

Problem: he says it's cheaper just to get a new one.
Solution: fuck him, it is a new one. I call someone else.

Problem: guy comes over, tests 220 outlet, one side is dead. He doesn't do electrical repairs.
Solution: I drive to hardware store and try to buy new outlet from the big dyke clerk.

Problem: They stock two kinds, with totally different holes.
Solution: I ask which technology is oldest, and buy that one.

Problem: I am scared of electricity.
Solution: call Patricia, a Cajun femme who is scared of nothing.

Problem: she laughs at me for being scared.
Solution: I ignore the laughter and ask her to fix it.

Problem: she will laugh at me some more.
Solution: at least my butchy clothes will be dry.

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