Sunday, September 15, 2002

Intangible Accomplishments

Yesterday I mowed the lawn, went grocery shopping, then wrote exactly zero stories.
But it was a great day.
Shampoo commercial lady and I talked for a long time, twice yesterday, and discovered many common threads and many intriguing 'opposites attract' facts.
The trouble with potentially budding romance is it spreads like ivy soaked in Miracle Grow and it's too easy to dwell on what she said, what I wanted to say, what I forgot to ask and what we might talk about next.
While dwelling is fun, it sure overshadows silly things like deadlines and story leads.
Hard to write with ivy growing up around my chin.
So today I must pay.
I must seize the day and hammer out six stories. Then the Sopranos will be on tonight, so shampoo commercial lady and I will have to cram 24 hours of questions, stories and revelations into a tiny speck of a two hour window of opportunity.
I should make a list. I don't want to miss a thing.

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