Friday, September 27, 2002

Enter the Dragon Squirrel

Uh huh.
Two Chinese Knock You Out pills at 11 p.m., and by 2 a.m. here I am, twitching my tail and looking for nuts. Alas, Grey Bird is not signed on right now.
I think these pills must have been mislabeled. They should be called Brief Nap then Great Vigour pills. Or maybe it's all the increased circulation and oxygenation my brain and body are getting from not smoking that are keeping me awake.
I woke up and started thinking about Maine.
Will we like the inn? Will the beach be nice? Will it be too cold to walk the Marginal Way? Will the steamers be good? Will L.L. Bean have anything I really want, and will it be on sale? Should I pack the shirt with the little pine cones on it? Will the clam chowder bowl be too big and fill me up before my lobster comes?
I can't afford to stay up all night pondering.
Tomorrow I have interviews to do and stories to start.
Then in the afternoon I scheduled an HIV test. Oh, I know I don't have HIV or AIDS, but even lesbians need to get checked every year or so just to be sure. We lesbians are no longer The Chosen Ones who don't contract HIV. The Goddess is getting one, too. :)
In the fall, Ben and Jerry's makes this apple cinnamon ice cream I think they only sell in New England. She and I have big plans regarding Ben, Jerry and a couple of big spoons.

Well...since it's too early to start packing, I guess I better mosey on back to bed. Too bad I already finished the horrible book "Affinity," that would knock out a charging rhino.

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