Wednesday, September 25, 2002

It's a Miracle!

I feel almost 100 percent better today.
Between acupuncture and herbs and eliminating inhalation of hot smoke several times a day, I awakened this morning fully rested, no insomnia, my muscles were relaxed, and get this- I lost a pound (water weight-but who cares).
Screw cold turkey, give me a jump start on quitting cigarettes any day.
The Goddess and I finally talked late last night.
She was expecting a bear, what she got was more of a pathetic, bleating sheep. She was good with me, made me laugh as usual.
The thing about detoxing through Traditional Chinese Medicine is the results are super fast. The first day is the worst in terms of altered perceptions, cravings, sloughing off toxins and just being crazed in general.
The body adjusts to the recirculation of energy the needling causes, the stop smoking herbs accelerate cleansing energies and the body starts to go into overdrive.
All I know is, I awakened in a state of relaxation and harmony I'd not had in years, in fact, not since I was meditating regularly.
Jeeze, I feel like Mike from Spacemonk. :)

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