Monday, September 09, 2002


I had intended to write a blog as soon as my morning coffee kicked in, but then I was joyfully distracted by e-mail that didn't offer to extend my penis by 3 inches, show me hot teen girl-on-girl action, sell me Viagra by mail or refinance my house.
So I wrote reply letters all day, between little spurts of actual work.
One was to Anna, my best friend who found a tin shack in Ethiopia with Internet access, one was to someone I've had an intermittent crush on for far too long, one to my frequent dinner companion and two were to my slacker brother, who has now expanded our unpleasantry exchange to e-mail.
Then I had a long, delicious IM conversation with the Grey Bird, who seemed fairly sober and glad to be back from the land of meat and alcohol. Turns out her blog census count was relatively undamaged from Techfluid Chari's and my guest blogging fiasco. Whew.
The rains continue here, causing constant nap weather.
My layabout tomcats have been sacked out all day. So lazy are they, they couldn't be troubled to nap in Mama's office where they usually like to wile away the daylight hours. Nope, they are splayed out on my bed like two pie-filled Teamsters at a mo-tel.
Hmm. Why am I blogging when I could be splayed out with my boys?
Gotta go!

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