Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The Latest Withdrawal News

Okay. I felt guilty after the Nutella slathered banana and half a candy bar, so I have limited myself to one can of Coke, a fist sized bunch of grapes, four Wheat Thins
and three half-liters of bottled water.
My body temp has been bouncing between hot and normal. My throat is draining what appears to be melted asbestos particles. My right lung is clearing out and my left lung is trying to figure out what's going on.
I am sure there must be some old carbon dioxide particles dislodging somewhere in this disgusting pulmonary cleanup process. Thank God these Chinese herbs cause the user to pee most of it out instead of having to hawk much up.
The spot where my right tonsil used to be is red and it hurts.
My hair is sticking up on the left side. Must have been a turbulent naptime.

My new Chinese knock-you-out pills are labeled in all Chinese except for a brief explanation in Engrish:
"Clinical tests have shown this product to have three advantages as follows:
1) It enables one to fall asleep in 30-50 minutes.
2) When sleeping, the user dreams no terrible dreams, or he has not any dreams.
3) After awaking, he feels full of vigour.
Dosage: Once a day, 1-2 capsules each time, to be taken just before going to bed, with cool boiled water."
Gee, I wonder if I have to boil my bottled water?

The Goddess said she'd call me before bedtime. I am sure she'll time it for right after I take my Chinese knock-you-out pills, so she can sidestep any growling or fussiness.
Truth is, I feel pretty calm- just disjointed and floaty and not quite in my right mind.
She oughtta be getting used to that by now. :)

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