Sunday, September 08, 2002

A Perfect Sunday

Egads! I was watching "Incredible Car Chases" on the Discovery channel and this one idiot was lamming over the border from California to Mexico, with the cops in hot pursuit.
When they finally pulled him over, the guy crawled into the back seat and held a knife to his infant son's neck. That's just evil.
A big police dog bit him all over after the cops took the baby out of harm's way.
Good boy.

Soon, I will crawl into my bed, flick on the little Eiffel Tower lamp on my bedside table and read a few more pages from Frida Kahlo's wonderfully illustrated journal. Then I will have a cozy little nap, with James nestled at my side.

At 7, a lovely companion is coming over to help me watch the HBO Sunday night lineup.
I am making genuine Philly cheese steak sandwiches with broccoli cole slaw, then throwing in a few chips and some icy cold root beers.
We were both giddy planning dinner, slavering over details like using red instead of green bell peppers and Vidalia instead of plain onions on the cheese steaks.
I made the butcher crazy earlier today, ordering shaved beef 1/8th inch thick. He'd never heard of a Philly cheese steak sandwich.
I have to top the bread pudding she brought last week. I think these Phillies may do it.

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