Monday, September 16, 2002

Monday: Drizzly and Cool

Perfect musing weather outside today. Cool humidity is very soothing to me, for some reason. I may actually go for a walk later.
Last night's opener for the Sopranos was simply fabulous. Tony was on a tear, Carmella was demanding, the wiseguys were acting up. Perfect, I tell you.
My friend Patricia and I had some nice penne Bolognese to get us in the mood.
I taped Six Feet Under, the Sopranos and Showtime's new show, "Street Time" for the shampoo ad woman.
Speaking of whom, that name is too long, so from now on I'll just call her the Goddess, since that's what she looks and acts like.
If Chari can have the Princess, I sure as hell can have the Goddess.
The Goddess told me her idea of a great time would be to go to D.C. and spend days wandering through the Smithsonian. I just swooned.
I've only been to the Smithsonian once, with my impatient sister, and all I got to see was the aviation wing. How I'd love to spend days there and cover every square foot, feasting my eyes on all that history, especially with someone who shares that interest.
If you know of any particularly wing of the Smithsonian that's really worth a look, reblog the details. I suspect I'll be sneaking up there before the year ends.
Have you ever felt like life has put you in a holding pattern, where you get to pause and revel in good health, prosperity and a new romance? That feeling has dropped into my lap recently and it feels wonderful.

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