Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Rosie O'MyGod

While waiting at the grocery store checkout stand recently, I noticed a copy of the Globe tabloid with a huge photo of Rosie O'Donnell on the cover. Her hair was nearly all clipped off and she's beefed up considerably.
Yep, just as I thought, Ro is a big butch.
Amazing how her show goes off the air and suddenly she becomes who she really is: a big, rich, happy dyke with three kids and a pregnant wife. I applaud her for her openness, but I wouldn't want to date her now that she's slid wayyy further to the right on the femme/butch scale.
On A&E over the weekend, they did a profile on Ronald Reagan.
They included a segment on John Hinkley's assassination attempt, which we all know he did to impress Jodie Foster, one of our few remaining closeted lesbian celebrities.
In a brief clip, they showed a statement Foster had made from her home at Yale University. She still had a post-teen, round babyface and a gruff little baby butch attitude.
Now she's got that sort of tailored Katherine Hepburn thing going on, but then I always wondered about Kate, too.
Funny that Jodie won an Oscar as the incredibly brave and resourceful, herringbone blazer wearing, non-dating Clarise Starling, opposite the slightly faggelah Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter.
Note that she was not nominated for "Anna and the King," where she flounced around in hoop skirts. Huh uh. Nobody in the Academy bought it.
When she appeared on the X Files as a disembodied voice, nobody mentioned that she and Jillian Anderson were dating at the time, but it's true.
I wish Jodie would just come out and be done with it.
We dykes need a PR boost after we gave faux lesbians Anne Heche and Julie Cypher back to the heteros, and Jodie would be the perfect one to give us that boost we need.

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