Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I Need a Fix 'Cause I'm Goin' Down...

Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic here, but these stop smoking herbs are making all the lung crud break up and I am clearing my throat more than I am inhaling and exhaling.
I feel a little like someone slipped me some magic mushrooms, except I am lacking the "goddam, this is fun" part.
Instead of a cigarette, I have indulged my addict self with a piece of watermelon, a banana smeared with a little Nutella and half a Cadbury fruit and nut bar.
My poor, sweet sister suggested I give up sugar and dairy while I was kicking.
I just nodded submissively, knowing that unsweetened herb tea and miso soup was not gonna cut it for me.
I went and had a burger and fries after I left The House of Needles. I just had to get Western again!
The acupuncture didn't hurt, there were just many, many needles in use and if I moved a limb or constricted a muscle, the area would start to twitch. She had one in my third eye I actually blew out without touching. Even she was surprised.
The coolest part is she used actual lotus seeds along my ear canal. She uses a flesh colored tape to adhere the little seeds along pressure points. When I start jonesing, all I do is press hard on one or more of the seeds and they send endorphins out.
Needless to say, I am pressing them every 45 seconds or so.
Meanwhile the Goddess is M.I.A.
Smart girl, she knew to stay busy and out of pocket this first evening. She'll call later on when I am half asleep and docile, no doubt.

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