Thursday, September 19, 2002

Survivor Impressions, Part 2

The men:
• Robb: What an immature, annoying asshole. He's hyper as a monkey, dumb as a post and creepy as Tommy Lee. He fought with Shii Ann, and lost. He's next, the little punk ass bitch.
• Brian: (former soft porn actor) Bland-o, platitude spewing, fake L.A. smile. Under the radar for a few episodes at least.
• Ted: Yum, a big black man with heart, muscles and pure sweetness. He's a keeper.
• Clay: Think Casper Milquetoast. Wears his pants too high. Goofy and annoying panty waist. Kill him.
••John, 40, married pastor, Slidell, LA. Luxury item: Christian flag. GONE.
• Jake: Part J.R. Ewing and part pig farmer. He'll stay around a long while, might even win if he's physically strong enough.
• Jed: What the fuck is wrong with his chest? It's got a big crevice in the center. He's a moody boy. He's not gonna play well with others.
• Ken: He's a sweetheart, a good guy, a team player and already ahead because he's NYPD. I think he's gonna win.

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