Saturday, January 12, 2002

Clinton Got Monica, Bush Got 'Layed'

....From Time Magazine:
....The fall of the house of Enron has reached the political phase.
The Bush Administration, having run up against its first honor-and-dignity issue in the person of Enron's former chief, longtime (and politically generous) Bush buddy Kenneth Lay, is fervently washing its hands of the whole mess.
George W. Bush on Thursday announced that he would have the Treasury Department look into the whole corporate pension issue "to make sure we learn from the past." Oh, and that he hadn't talked to Lay in who knows how long.
John Ashcroft, whose Justice Department launched its criminal investigation Thursday into Enron's fall — and the remarkable foresight of its top executives in parachuting out early and rich — recused himself and his chief of staff from the probe, just as designated attack Democrat Henry Waxman was dashing off a letter reminding Ashcroft that he'd received $25,000 from Enronites for a Senate re-election campaign. The exodus may not stop there; Bush SEC chairman Harvey Pitt once did some work for Arthur Andersen, the blind (and document-shredding) accounting watchdog in the drama, and could be next to eagerly recuse himself from ever having to give a press conference on his agency's investigation, either......

I'll make this brief.
Which President's dubious friendship will cost you more, Clinton's victimless blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky or Bush and his massive campaign contributions and potential embarrassment from his "close friendship" with the disgraced but still filthy rich former Chairman of Enron?
Did Whitewater affect your bank balance? Do you think the collapse of a multi billion dollar energy company will?

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