Wednesday, January 09, 2002

She's So Fine, There's no Telling Where the Money Went

A friend of mine is undone today because she reckons her lowlife, cheating lover left her once a chunk of money she came into ran out.
It made me think about money, co-mingling finances with lovers and all that entails.
I have always had a solution for that.
I don't do it.
Oh, I spend money on lovers, and lots of it, but I haven't spent any *with* lovers.
I have never had to saw a table in half or divide the CDs we bought together once things went awry.
Lots of lesbians high on commitment ceremonies and unions mingle finances with their partners, but I have never seen a case where, once the juices dried up, un-mingling finances was a civil and equitable process.
I don't know, maybe I don't believe in marriage between lesbians anymore.
Maybe I like the concept, but the few times I have been willing to consider entering into a partnership that included financial mixing, I was glad it didn't work out.
The last woman I loved was a foreigner. I wanted her to immigrate here and I was planning to start a charitable foundation so we could hire her and she could get a green card/work visa.
For the first time in my life, I wanted a lesbian marriage, a picket fence and a partner with whom I shared finances, debts, windfalls and pocket change.
Unfortunately, when we met I reminded her of a satanic ritual abuse victim she knew, plus she was still in love with her ex, so that pretty much dashed my marriage plans.
The question is, how could I be so blind as to think we could have a marriage and mingle finances without realizing our love was entirely unilateral?
Her ex was always in the picture, either as a ghost with whom she needed "closure" or someone she still loved, face to face and belly to belly.
See? I was willing to open my life and my finances to a woman who not only didn't love me, she loved someone else the whole time we were together.
Last I heard they are still together. I was apparently just a cameo player in a long movie starring those two. Her lover never even knew I existed. Still doesn't.
But it was my fault because I let my clitoris become my long term financial planner.
I have had to rethink my willingness to marry a woman.
Maybe I will fall in love again one day, and after three or four years if we are still together, we can look at some money mixing.
But her ex better be dead, and I better not remind her of the antichrist.

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