Wednesday, January 09, 2002

If You Hate Politics, Step Away From the Monitor

I read a chilling piece in this month's Vanity Fair about Pakistan and what sniveling little weasels they are.
They are obviously on the side of the Talibans and Al Qaida, but they took our free money, borrowed even more at no interest and let us use their land and airspace because they knew if they didn't we'd kick their asses.
We are like little rich wimps in the schoolyard, giving out candy to make friends with hoodlum kids who take our candy but still think we are dweebs.
Pakistani government officials are total chicken shits.
Nobody wants to sign any agreements for fear the Taliban or Al Qaida will grab the money America has given Pakistan so they can rearm themselves and come back into power and kill anyone who authorized any recent pro-American agreements.
Pakistan has nuclear weapons, so does India, they hate each other and we are alienating both. It's such a dangerous game we are playing and nobody seems to see it.
It's been nearly four months since the WTC attack and we still haven't a clue about where Waldo bin Laden is. Now the Feds are saying they are more interested in blowing up munitions and training sites in the area than looking through shadows to find bin Laden.
When did they decide that?
If our government has given up trying to find bin Laden, is it worth a billion dollars a day to keep bombing Afghani dirt piles?
Meanwhile in this country, U.S. Immigration is trying to track down 6,000 Middle Eastern men here illegally in the U.S. who have ignored deportation notices.
Some PC politicians are worried that some legit Mohammed will be offended if he's profiled and questioned by the INS, so they are having a hell of a time trying to politely track down deportees.
We aren't accomplishing a damn thing in this war.
The U.S. took great pains to tell the enemy we have two female fighter pilots strafing them off the U.S.S. Carl Vinson. Did they really need to piss them off even more by telling them our chicks are bombing their dicks?
The Middle East doesn't like our way of life, our religious diversity, our government or our people. We can't change them by making them even more outraged, or scaring them half to death.
We shouldn't try to change them, they are entitled to their Neanderthal, sexist, racist, dogmatic way of doing things.
What we are doing in the Middle East is like an exterminator just killing rats in one bedroom and ignoring the rest of the rat infested three story house. We need to either get rid of all the rats or get out. But there's the rub. The Middle East is too full of rats to consider.
The U.S. government has done so many backroom secret deals with the rats, we don't even know which are the rats anymore, or who we like and who we hate.
We funded and trained bin Laden and his buddies to fuck with the Russians.
Now the Russians are being funded to help us fuck with the terrorists and lunatic fringe.
We armed Iran immediately after they held American hostages for a year.
When Iran Contra was about to blow up in the face of George H.W. Bush, we invaded Iraq but didn't kill their insane leader. Was it just a diversionary measure to keep Senior Bush and that dimwit Ronnie Reagan out of prison for high treason?
We give aid and protection to Israel, so why aren't they suited up and helping us? They have an Army that can do in a week what we can't manage in four months, so where are they in all this?
And George W. Bush is running the country.
We are in fucking trouble here and all the media are reporting are bomb craters in the Afghanistan dirt.
We are spending a billion dollars a day on nothing and people think Bush is doing a good job. He's an imbecile and the public is oblivious to it.
Pakistan is the lit fuse in all this and we need to get the hell away from them, get out of this stupid war until we have some kind of plan, and elect a new President who has an IQ higher than 90 and isn't generations deep in international political malfeasance.
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Richard Nixon. He'd know what to do, the bastard.

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