Saturday, January 19, 2002

From the Bedroom

I saw that movie tonight and time stood still. No really, this almost three hour movie was slow like New England can be.
It reminded me of the time I've spent in New England, with all the antiques and the yellow light streaming through lace curtains and the little harbors and fishing villages and slowpokes and ladies dressed in beige L.L. Bean cardigans with sensible shoes, with little floppy canvas hats and gardening gloves.
Sissy Spacek is a great actor, but a New Englander she ain't. Stick to roles below the Mason Dixon line, Sis.
I simply must rush to another movie soon to get the visions of this slow, yellow tinged, slightly blurry tortoise of a movie out of my head.
I give it one thumb, poised sideways.
The only redeeming feature was it wasn't filmed in autumn and I didn't have to see a million exterior shots of those Yankee beloved fucking autumn leaves.
And to think I've been craving clam chowder lately. Ha!

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