Friday, January 18, 2002

Inexplicable Shpilkes

I had a bad dream last night.
Not a scary nightmare, it was more about an event that never happened with a former lover, some friends and a shifty colleague.
Yeecch, the whole thing gave me such a stomach ache, I had to take Pepto when I woke up. It dug up far too many bones.
Luckily my kitten James was kind enough to stick a paw in my face to awaken me from the bad dream. He has no patience with me tossing and turning while he's trying to sleep.
I hardly ever remember dreams, but this one was unsettling because it was so real.
In this dream I had a livid red welt on my chest, right over my heart, like a bright scarlet bruise.
I am a Taurus, I don't like that kind of spooky symbolic shit.
I picked a Tarot card this morning to see if anything unusual was up and I got The Lovers card. Kind of gave me the cold shivers.
In an early morning e-mail, my pal Gare the astrologer warned that Mercury was entering retrograde (again) and will be spinning backwards starting at 3:52 pm est today until 12:28 pm est February 8.
He warned against travel, buying electronics and sticking one's foot in one's mouth.
I believe I am going to lay low for the next three weeks.

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