Thursday, January 17, 2002

Winter in San Antonio and Beguiling Strangers

It's 74ºF outside right now at about 5 pm. That's just too warm for mid January.

My pal Suze and I were playing a fun game we invented today called, "guess who's reading our blogs."
I was thinking a beautiful but somewhat introverted English professor named Jennifer was reading mine, too shy to reblog, but enamored nonetheless.
Suze was sort of being dragged into the game, so I had to make hers up for her.
I pictured for her a handsome young retired colonel, living off her pension and writing poems from the porch of her lakeside cottage.
Suze balked, she doesn't want a poet. So I made her a novelist whom I named Clydeen, after her father, the general.
Suze balked at the name Clydeen. She's so damn picky.
The game ended after that, because Suze has no patience for games that last more than three minutes.
That brings me to my question.
If you were single and had a fantasy ideal woman blog reader out there, what would she be like?

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