Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Freaky New Year

I just found out that Kara, a casual friend of mine, caught a bullet in the head on New Year's Eve.
I mean it, she literally caught it with her head.
It seems some dumb son of a bitch fired a bullet in the air to celebrate NYE, and the bullet came down and crashed into the top of Kara's head while she stood by an outdoor fire ring in my friend Martha's backyard.
My sister was at that party, standing nearby- it could have been her! Hell, I was at that same party year before last!
The cops said a bullet shot skyward can travel up to two miles and land who knows where. This time it was in Kara's head.
It didn't lodge in her skull, it just dented the fuck out of it, caused copious scalp bleeding and a subdural hematoma that required hospitalization and an overnight observation.
Idiots say, "guns don't kill people, people kill people."
Bullshit. People with guns kill (and injure) people, and guns are what make the difference.
Texas has a concealed gun law. It was Dubya's first legislation as incoming governor. You can take a little course in gun safety and legally carry a gun in your pants or purse. How fucked up is that?
I'll bet the dumb ass who shot into the sky didn't have a permit. He (I am sure it had to be a man) was probably drunk on beer, couldn't afford fireworks, and thought he'd be a he-man and shoot a gun into the sky.
Kara is a midwife. She delivers babies into the world for women who can't afford hospitals. She's a sweet woman with an even sweeter lover, my good friend Deirdre.
The U.S. constitution provides for the right to keep and bear arms. They made that law when you had to stuff a blunderbuss with pellets and gunpowder, and the whole process took a few minutes.
I am sure they didn't have in mind the rights of some drunk, dumb son of a bitch shooting a Saturday night special into the sky and plinking an innocent woman in the head.
The worst part is, the dumb bastard probably still doesn't know he did it. This could be a yearly ritual for him, for all we know.
Damn, I wish they could legislate against stupidity.

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