Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Sleep? What's that?

I have some severe bronchitis developing, so around midnight I made some herb tea and threw in a few glugs of Seagram's Seven for that hot toddy effect. Now I am wide awake and pondering life and its absurdities once again.
Dig this:
A friend and I had a run-in a few days ago.
I once was eyeing her as a potential new girlfriend, but I wanted her first to save herself from some destructive behaviors, and heal from a recent breakup with an unfaithful, paranoid, manipulative, know it all, unemployed moocher.
My friend thought I was telling her to get lost. I was just exasperated and spoke bluntly, as we Taureans are sometimes wont to do.
Anyway, we had about four days or so of no contact. Yesterday we talked.
Seems she has "met someone" and she said (get this) this person now "owns her."
After four days, from a chatroom meeting, never having laid eyes on this woman, she actually said this woman OWNS her.
Kerrrack that whip!
'Nuff said.

Another AOL acquaintance of mine met some cowboi butch in California online, sold all her belongings, used the cash to U-Haul what little she kept, and moved cross country to 'marry' this bulldork.
About three days into their marriage, the cowboi said, "This is not what I pictured." Then she went camping over the weekend with her "new love."
My pal had to pack up her things, borrow money to crawl home to the East Coast, and along the way her car engine blew up. Plus she has a parrot in the car with her.

I know this woman who lives way up North. She's very sweet, smart, funny and attractive. She's very sane and normal. She seems sincere. She's very thoughtful. She makes sense when she talks. She listens. Her last lover was a long while ago. She has a job. She has a life. She's not desperate to U-Haul, or be owned, or mooch off anyone, or fly across the border to start a new life. She never crowds me, never pushes me away, and always treats me kindly. And she has an ice skater's butt.

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