Thursday, January 31, 2002


It's been so humid and warm all week I've been wearing shorts and a T-shirt here in Texas. Meanwhile, my friends up north are having storms and snow and sleet all over the place.
It has cooled down a bit here, to 57 degrees, but that's not winter weather.
I couldn't make it in winters up North. I'd never leave the house. I'd be one of those wackos wearing a miner's light on my head and being treated for Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Zed is up in Canada right now, gleeful over the coming blizzard. She walks to and from work! Outdoors!
That makes me wonder, if you are a Canadian and you hate cold weather, where do you live? It's not like America where you can move to Phoenix or Miami to avoid the cold.
Hey, I heard Celine Dionne's husband Rene has a $10,000 a week gambling habit. Can you imagine supporting a partner who spends that kind of jack on gambling? Especially one who looks like that dude? Yeecch.
Celine: "Oui, Rene, he likes to go to zee casino while I stays home with zees skeeny babee." Uh huh.

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