Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Grey Bird Rocks!

I have a new template and I am very happy with it, most of all because my kitten James is immortalized in photos at the top of my blogsite.
My humble thanks to my friend and blog guru GreyBird for this effort, and to Queer Poet for her many emergency blog interventions.
Yes, James is wearing a little argyle sweater and yes, he is a real kitty, not a stuffed toy.
See, until he was about a month old everyone thought he was a she.
After I found out she was a he, we started dressing him like a male so he'd get used to it. Turns out he rather enjoyed wearing clothes as an infant, and he has a bathrobe and got a larger sweater for Christmas.
He no longer cares to wear clothing, but he's still easy to dress, even at 5 months and 11 pounds.

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