Monday, January 07, 2002

I don't know why, but this trick always amuses me

Pretend you are on the internet and you write what you think is a sweet love note to your bilingual girlfriend, using the alta vista translator.

You enter:

Hello my darling,
I am missing you so much, I wish we could just be in bed together on this chilly morning instead of so many miles apart.
Your big teddybear

and you translate it to French and send it to her:

Bonjour mon chéri,
Je suis manquant vous tellement, je souhaite que nous pourrions juste être dans le lit ensemble ce matin frais au lieu de tant de milles distants.
Votre grand teddybear

She thinks it so sweet, she translates it to German to send to her good friend Helga:

Geliebtes guten Tag mein bin,
Ich Sie so sehr fehlend, ich wünsche, daß wir soeben zusammen im Bett sein könnten dieser frische Morgen anstatt so sehr entfernter Meilen.
Ihre großen teddybear

Helga also liked it, what she could understand of it, so she decided to translate it back into French for her girlfriend Gigi:

Aimé bon jour
Mon je suis tellement manquant vous, moi souhaite que nous pourrions être dans le lit ce matin juste ensemble frais au lieu des milles tellement éloignés.
vos grands teddybear

Gigi meanwhile is a lazy French girl who casually scans the letter and hastily translates it for her secret lover in Italy. Angelina reads the following:

Buono giorno gradito mio,
Sono in modo da mancandoli, me desideri che potremmo essere nella base questo fresco intero di destra di mattina anziché le miglia così distanti.
L' amore,
Il vostro grande teddybear

Angelina, an international playgirl, sends the letter translated to her poor unsuspecting American girlfriend, Tracy:

Good appreciate day mine,
They are so as to mancandoli, me desires that we could be in the base this entire coolness of morning right rather than the distant miles therefore.
The love,
Your large one teddybear

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