Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Here's the Thing

I used to think if I told a potential girlfriend I wanted to settle down and have a committed relationship, she'd be scared off.
So, I gave mixed messages and ended up never really settling down for long.
Now I am ready to settle down and that's the message I am giving.
If it scares off a potential girlfriend or partner, then she's probably not after the same thing, and it's best she move along so I can be ready for Ms Right.
I think that solves the mystery as to why I have never lived with anyone longer than three or four years. I guess I was afraid to admit I wanted to be there, so I acted like I didn't.
Well. That was simple, and it only took about 34 years to figure out.
Okay, so now I am ready to settle down in a trusting, loving, communicative relationship. Now what?

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