Monday, January 14, 2002

Good Morning! (Burp!)

On Saturday I had Mexican food for lunch, and a little birthday cake and coffee afterwards, so I ended up full all night and I skipped dinner.
I slept late this morning and by the time I showered and got dressed it was 1:15 and I was hungry as a bear.
And I mean a giant, Canadian Mountie-eating bear.
So I called my pal Patricia and arranged to pick her up 20 minutes later for breakfast.
We go to this coffee shop that serves breakfast all day, so we arrived around 1:45 and our favorite waitress handed us breakfast menus and a laminated "Special Breakfast Treats" page with full color photos.
I spied this horrendously huge, meat-heavy breakfast platter and the photo was so juicy and compelling and I was so hungry, I lost my mind and ordered it.
The platter filled my side of the booth table, with three eggs, two bacons, one sausage patty, a little slice of ham, hash browns and two biscuits. Then the worst case scenario occurred. I ate the whole damn thing.
Patricia wolfed down a three egg omelet, a ham steak and two slices of toast.
We each had three cups of coffee to boot.
Twenty dollars later, we waddled out into the bright sunlight and groaned like two heifers being led to market.
Now it's almost midnight and I haven't been able to consider another morsel of food all day and night. I drank some San Pelligrino mineral water to try to settle the basketball sized lump in my belly, but it only made me full again.
I think I ate my pork ration for the year in one meal. I think I was temporarily insane. I think I'll have salad tomorrow.
Question: Is a breakfast blog as boring as a haircut blog?

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