Sunday, January 20, 2002

Country Songs I Plan to Write

She Said She's Bi, I Said Bye Bye
She's My Hot Tomato, So Lettuce Alone
If You Want Me to Love You For Your Mind, Stop Shakin' Your Behind
My Dog Kisses Sweeter Than You
Walls are Thin in a Mobile Home
I Wish I'd Never Gotten that Tattoo
The Trouble with Mermaids is Their Bottoms Don't Come off
Do Your Boots Still Have My Lipstick Prints?
I Forgot to Ask if You Loved Somebody Else
You Left with the Bagels, So I Changed the Locks
Officer Arrest Her, She Stole My Dadgum Heart
If You Loved Me in My Pickup, Can't You Love Me in My Bed?
I Gave You Silk but You Shoulda Got Burlap
My Heart is the Weakest Link
She's a Heineken in a Budweiser World

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