Monday, January 21, 2002

I am a Thief.

Suzy over at Queer Poet's Society did a pet peeves blog and I have waited the requisite one day before I steal her idea and write my own. Thanks, Suze.

-I hate it when I am with a friend who can't observe an occasional moment of silence. Not every sight and sound needs a comment.
-I hate watery Chinese food, or even worse when a dish comes floating in a pool of white, slithering, flavorless liquid.
-I hate seeing toothpicks used in public, and don't even get me started on floss.
-I hate it when a song comes on the car radio and someone sings louder than the real singer does.
-I hate drop-in company.
-I hate it when someone assumes just because I am a Texan that I live in the sticks, voted for Bush, carry a gun and use y'all in the singular.
-I have a friend from New Orleans who uses the phrase "anyhow most how ways" when she's about to get off the phone or wrap up a conversation. I hate that phrase.
-I hate typos in books and I hate it when people use multisyllabic words incorrectly.
-I hate cell phones and cordless phones.
-I hate square toed shoes.
-I hate the smell of beans or cabbage cooking.
-I hate dogs who hump my leg or sniff my crotch.
-I hate right wing radio talk shows.
-I hate it when people can't handle their liquor or drugs.

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