Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Random Thoughts

I wish these auto and truck companies would stop using the WTC attack as a guilt trip to sell their wares. They say, "Let's get America back on the road, don't let the terrorists win." What does buying a new Honda or Toyota have to do with the terrorists?

I see Quebec has opened it's new Ice Hotel. You get to stay in a room made of ice with an ice bed and ice furniture. I believe I already did my time in Quebec at the original ice hotel.

Women are too damn much trouble.
However, I had a really nice dream last night about a woman I'd never met, or maybe she was the ex of a woman I had dated or something. Anyway, it was very erotic and she was beautiful with great, long legs. You know things are strange in real life when in your dreams you notice and appreciate that your mystery woman has a good attention span.

Mountain cedar pollen is hazing the air in San Antonio right now. It gives one a headache and a sneezy, runny nose. They say stay indoors between 5 and 10 am to avoid the worst of it. The pollen under a microscope looks like little hooks that glom on to your clothes, skin and hair. I now have a new excuse not to harvest pecans.

Secretary of State Colin Powell is in Islamabad trying to soothe the tension between Pakistan and India so they don't nuke each others' brains out. Oh swell, let's get involved in something new to spend taxpayer dollars on. While he's there, let's all buy a Chevy truck to defray America's economic collapse while the government blows all our money getting into other people's business.
When he gets back, he has a "town hall meeting" scheduled on MTV. Yes, MTV, the one that plays videos for Gen X kids. I wonder if he's gonna wear a dreadlocks wig to better fit in? I cannot roll my eyes hard enough.

Dubya Bush choked on a pretzel and passed out the other day while he was alone in the Whitehouse family quarters watching a football game. His dog apparently saved him by barking him awake. No comment.

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