Monday, January 21, 2002

Last night on "60 Minutes" they featured a female Air Force Colonel/fighter pilot who was suing the U.S. government because they ordered her to wear a long black robe and head covering when she was off-base in Saudi Arabia.
They also would not let her drive a car or sit in the front seat of a car, and her male driver had to say she was his wife if any Saudi asked.
The Colonel is not only a fighter pilot and Harvard grad, she is also a Roman Catholic. Forcing a Catholic into Muslim garb is like making a Jew wear a big crucifix when in Rome.
The government said it was for the female military member's protection. Yes, protection for a woman with enough balls to drop bombs from a U.S. fighter plane.
American male soldiers are not allowed to wear Middle Eastern garb of any kind when off-base in Saudi, or elsewhere in the Middle East.
It just goes to show you how intolerant of women those Middle Eastern bastards are, and how chicken shit our military is toward women who serve in the armed forces.
If she is risking her life in defense of her country, she damn sure ought to be able to wear her uniform, medals and all, anywhere in the world she wants.
This is just one example of why the military has fucked up, sexist double standards and needs to respect the rights of all its members.
I hope she wins her lawsuit, and if the Saudis can't take it, fuck them. Why are we allied with these sexist Saudi pricks, anyway? Women have more rights in Iran and Iraq.
How scary is that?

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