Sunday, January 13, 2002

No Politics!

My sweet friend Cris, who is recovering from surgery, has very diplomatically mentioned that my political blogs bore the living hell out of her.
All right already, no more politics for a while. Get well soon, Crispie.
That leaves the topics of food, lesbian relationships, life in Texas and ...lemme see...
My family and I celebrated my Mom's 89th birthday (she had me when she was 60) yesterday. It was so typical for my family. We started out the morning killing a bottle of champagne, then we went for Mexican food and killed a pitcher of margaritas.
In the parking lot before lunch, my eldest sister Rita the introverted lawyer was so buzzed she serenaded my mom with the Greenday song, "I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life."
Her very cute lover and I were in the front seat, getting kind of misty eyed listening to Rita sing and she said, "Rita wants that song at her funeral."
So I said, "Oh God, you and I are gonna cry our eyes out. We'll barely be able to have sex that night."
Then we went to the cemetery so Mom could say hi to her ancestors and siblings who went before her. We festooned all the graves with flowers, then we split.
Back at my house for cake and coffee, my kitten James managed to win over everyone with his affectionate little kitty routine.
Even my sister Jan who hates cats now wants to get one for her stupid little schnauzer Sam to have as a companion.
I put a little sweater on James, but he was extremely uncomfortable and ripped the neck and sleeves, so I had to unclothe him. He's very easy to dress for a cat, but he's not as malleable as he used to be once he's clothed.
The family left at 5 and I laid down for a nap and awakened in a daze around 7:30.
I am the youngest one in the family. I'll bet my old Mom is still asleep.

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