Sunday, January 27, 2002

Day Five. Still alive.

Yesterday was like a hokey 70's movie where the heroine is on some bad acid and the same bad guitar riffs keep playing over and over.
I can't remember anything from yesterday except the words decongestant and antihistamine, and I think the former was supposed to clear out the ear pressure, so I squirted some in via my now-calloused nasal passages.
Then I took two Tylenol PM and awakened hours later without the earache, but drenched in sweat.
I think I had soup and I know I had orange juice. I've lost 6 pounds since Tuesday.
I think diet and exercise might actually be preferable to this.
I've had to resort to using Burt's Bees Hand Salve to ease the nose and lip chafing from all the nose blowing. If it gets any redder, I'll have to get some udder balm at the feed store.
My sense of smell may never come back. I put my whole nose in a Vicks bottle and it didn't register any scent. Note to myself: this may be a good day to clean the litter boxes.
As to my kitties, well, all I can say is used Kleenex + Oriental rugs= I need a wife.
Nyquil now has a new Nyquil Plus Cough formula that's excellent. It's a little like raspberry liqueur, and cheaper than Chambord, so I may use it to make Kir Royales next time I entertain.
Writing this blog has tired me out so I am going back to bed.

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