Monday, January 28, 2002

Foggy Monday

Okay, I am better now. Not completely better, but good enough to move out of the sickroom and into the rest of the house where mountains of used Kleenex were strewn about by a certain undersupervised butterscotch kitten.
While I was sick I see CBS snuck behind my back and canceled The Ellen Show. I actually only saw it once because they kept moving it around and preempting it.
It seemed at least as good as Everybody Loves Raymond, I mean, at least it had one fuckable person in it.
Ellen did slide down my list, however, when I discovered she was an Aquarius and not a Capricorn. Now I can see how she could tolerate Anne Heche's planetary adventures.
I had an Aquarius girlfriend once. We moved to LA together in our early 20's and were staying in a little hotel in Redondo Beach while we looked for an apartment. She used her last $20 to buy a hamster, a cage and a squeaky running wheel for our hotel room.

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