Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Saudi Arabia

Did you know our so-called allies in the middle east, Saudi Arabia, recently beheaded three guys for being gay? Apparently the Saudi queens were calling themselves married and had the gall to try to verbally defend themselves against neighborhood castigation.
The government stepped in and tried, convicted and beheaded them.
In the 70's, my father was a contract negotiator for the U.S. Air Force. He was sent to Saudi Arabia on temporary duty. When he returned, he was freaked out at how brutal Saudi men could be.
If a man got on a bus and a woman was already seated, he would simply grab her by the face and fling her to the floor so he could sit.
The Saudis don't shake hands because they wipe their asses with their fingers.
When two Saudi businessmen make a deal, it is not uncommon to celebrate the deal by offering one's young son to the other for a bit of man-boy sex.
I was a reporter during the Persian Gulf war. We sent a female reporter to Saudi to cover it for our newspaper. She had to wear a veil and was not allowed to drive in Saudi, but in Iraq or Iran, she could have driven with her head uncovered.
Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia, but he left because they were too liberal.
Between U.S. Military presence in Saudi and the new Pizza Hut, bin Laden was convinced Saudi had become Satan's playhouse.
Not for queers it hasn't.

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