Monday, June 03, 2002

A Better Week Already

I stayed up till 3 a.m. last night watching 'The Sopranos' and 'Six Feet Under' on videotape.
I missed them at their regular times because I was watching the Lakers get handed another victory by the crooked NBA referees. Big mistake to think the Kings would be treated fairly. What a waste of time it was, watching that travesty.
Six Feet Under's season finale was so good, I was able to forget my sports angst and sleep peacefully until 7:30. Damn, that show is great. It's worth it to get HBO just for that and The Sopranos, not to mention Sex and the City.
At 8 a.m. I met my sister the Chinese medicine practitioner at a taco joint. She actually put an acupuncture needle in my hand while we were having coffee. Now I feel perky and alert. Nothing like eating a taco while my ki energy was being rerouted.
Turns out I am going to faux finish her living room wall to resemble a giant slab of malachite or adventurine. Should be fun.
Last night HBO also had a preview of the upcoming Lennox Lewis/Mike Tyson fight.
Tyson is a horrible human being, twisted and crazy and filled with rage that promoters like Don King feast upon. Lewis is articulate and sound minded.
I hope Lewis knocks Tyson out in round one and puts an end to his fading career. Odds are saying he will. I've no plans to watch the pay per view fight. I wouldn't give Tyson a penny if he was starving. Cable TV has a lot of nerve asking us to pay for special programming, especially something like a prizefight that could be over in three minutes.
My best friend Anna is home from Ethiopia, finally. Her house was starting to look like an African gift shop. She's pretty burnt out on the bureaucracy there.
She funded and put together two computer labs for the medical school students in Addis Ababa to use, but the honchos are so lame they wouldn't spring for the electricity or the staff to man the labs. It's like Mexico only more backward there, and no margaritas.
They do get American TV on satellite though, so even the poorest Ethiopian might well be familiar with The Osbournes, the NBA or the Drew Carey show. How embarrassing.
They have no Diet Coke in Ethiopia. No one needs to diet there.
Anyway, I am in a better mood today. I feel like I have removed a hair shirt from last week. This is a new month, a new week and a new day.

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