Friday, June 28, 2002

Oh Good, the Insomnia is Back!

In our local Sunday paper's TV Guide, they have this disgusting before and after dental ad, where they show the most nauseating 'before' pictures, in full color. I think they are actually those fake hillbilly teeth you can buy out of a machine, in a bubble box.

Did you ever find yourself in the middle of a spirited debate wanting to say, "Hey, wait, it just occurred to me, I don't really care about this."

When I have insomnia, I sometimes just say to heck with it, I'm having a Coke.

Where did they put Rush Limbaugh? Is he still around?

I saw an HBO special on DC street hookers last night. That seems to be an unpleasant job. A hooker hit on me in Vegas once. She looked very sweet, like Sally Field in her Gidget days. She kissed my cheek right at the video bar at the Golden Nugget, then she ordered me a Frangelico and coffee, snuggled up next to me and asked if I'd kiss her back. I said no, but I did consider it for a few moments.
I didn't realize she was a hooker until I saw her the next morning, haggling with two guys over the price of a three-way. Glad I didn't kiss her. Eeuuw.

I never have seen the attraction to fishing. Boring silence mixed with stinky bait buckets and nasty fish guts just seems a bit much to me.

I would have gone to culinary school but I just cannot eat or stand to handle liver, duck, kidneys, heart, venison, quail, rabbit, entrails, giblets, goose, ostrich, wild boar, foie gras, escargot, mutton, fish heads, kim chee, squid, menudo or green bell peppers.

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