Monday, June 10, 2002

Leftover Blog Salad

Sonny, it's spelled "enema," look it up.
In his newest bid for attention, he's dressed as Osama bin Laden in his latest video.
Gee, what a brilliant ruse, how controversial! Yawn.
Word: Yo, Em, you're a tiny white man, leave the rapping to the pros.
Eminem is Vanilla Ice 2000.
Tick, tick, tick, your 15 minutes are just about up. See you on celebrity boxing!

It's time for a new game...


1. Martina Navratalova or Bob Costas?
2. Ellen DeGeneris or Melissa Etheridge?
3. Hillary Clinton or Barbara Bush?
4. k.d. lang or Keifer Sutherland?
5. Dubya or Tony Blair?
6. Colin Powell or Dick Cheney?
7. Chandra Levy or Gary Condit?
8. Oprah or Star Jones?
9. Angela Lansbury or Paul McCartney?
10. Prince or David Spade?
Enter the contest today and win a blog of haiku, all about you.

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