Thursday, June 06, 2002


As my site meter racks up more hits, I am obsessed with getting more, more, more.
Basically, I have become as competitive as Tracy over at Time For Your Meds.
She's the one who was so jealous of her neighbors' new birdhouse, she went out and bought live worms to lure the birds back to her yard.

So, in that tradition, this is going to be a search engine, hit gathering blog.
Watch me now- hey!

The weather here is getting hotter than "Gina Lee Nolan's naked pics"!
I am just about ready to cook some "low fat summer recipes" so my guests can dine like they are in "Martha Stewart's Kitchen" without getting as fat as "Shaquille O'Neal."
I sure feel safer now that Bush created the "Homeland Insecurity" cabinet position.
(Didn't "Tom Ridge" first say he didn't want to be a cabinet secretary? Oh, well, I guess he's learning to flip-flop like "Dubya's grammatical errors.")
Maybe Ridge can "Get Springsteen's new CD release at half price" as gifts for his new staff. Or maybe he can get them copies of "The Nanny Diaries: A Novel on sale at Amazon.Com."
I think "Oprah and Dr. Phil" could help select gifts, or maybe "Kelly Ripa's reading club" could recommend something.
It's getting late and I should be hitting the "350-count Egyptian cotton sheets I got for half price." But I have insomnia, and no "surefire, doctor approved safe treatment for insomnia, delivered to your door with no shipping charges" is on hand.
My vacation pics were developed, but they didn't feature "two hot lesbians, doing it in every position." Neither "the FBI" nor "the CIA" would be "embarrassed" to see these photos. It's not like they show "Pamela Anderson's naked breasts."

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