Thursday, June 06, 2002

Justice, My Ass

Pothead pop singer Dionne Warwicke was let off with a tiny tap on the wrist after she was arrested at Miami International Airport with a mess of weed on her. The psychic seahag must have been too stoned to sense the fuzz catching her holding.
She's 61, that's too fucking old to be holding weed. Okay, it's not too old but she bitched too much about O.J. Simpson "being innocent" when he was on trial, and for that I can't stand her.
Here's what Dionne had to say for her bad self:
"Entertainers are sometimes placed in vulnerable situations which are completely beyond their control. To this day, I am puzzled about exactly what happened at the Miami International Airport, but through the grace of God I can now put this unpleasant chapter behind me."
Here's what happened, Dee- they caught you with 11 reefers in your lipstick case! Get real, you big-assed phony!

Meanwhile, kind of talented R Kelly was arrested for possession of a video of him having sex with a 14-year old girl. The case is said to be air tight, but RK's mouthpieces said the charges were totally false and he'd be exonerated.
Oh, bullshit.
Not only does the tape exist and was authenticated by experts, RK was sort of distributing it among underground pervy video collector jaggoffs. The damn thing is all over the East coast. Hell, I'm an old white bitch and I could probably track down a copy in a few days. Yeecch. A 14-year-old. What a creep.

Stolen from Reuters, reshaped by me:
The glinting of diamonds and sapphires led a Miami hotel security guard with a flashlight to find Sir Paul McCartney's fiancee's engagement ring -- lost in the bushes below the room where the former Beatle and Heather Mills stayed last month.
A spokeswoman for the hotel denied a British tabloid newspaper version of events that said the ring was lost when the former Beatle hurled it out of the window during a furious argument with his fiancee.
"There was no report of them having a fight, no guest complained about voices being raised," the woman told Reuters.
The News of the World said McCartney flung the ring off the balcony during a blazing argument with Mills.
A hotel bigwig said the couple did lose a ring, but the place it was found, directly below their room balcony, suggested it had fallen rather than being flung.
I think McCartney is known to be so cheap, he probably pretended to fling the ring but just dropped it at the last moment, for drama's sake. He is a Gemini, after all.

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