Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I am Free!

I had a whole list of nagging errands I had been postponing, and today I just hauled off and finished them. Now I am free to blog guiltlessly because all my clients have the ball in their courts and I have nothing else to do.

Alas, I have nothing much to say.

My neighbor got another new dog, a grown black Lab who likes to stare at me when I get home at night. During the day she likes to bark, with her lips pressed against my office windows.
I finally went outside, eyed her and said, "Shut up, you!" It worked, can you believe it? Saved me the trouble of digging a hole under the fence to let her escape.
(Just kidding, dog lovers, save it)
I am stuck on this Texas Dyke list, where everyone likes to complain about political correctitude.
Some are rearing children and expect every gay function to be G rated so their kiddies can attend. Please, leave the kids at home and let the queers be queer.
Some are bisexual and want to discuss their boyfriends on the list. Spare me the details, I say.
Some are techno nerds and want to discuss things like bilateral X function multiple bandwidth hexagrams. I just delete them without reading.
Some are Kumbayas, who go ballistic if Arabs are mentioned in less than glowing terms.
I barely post to that list. I draw too many fucking lectures from the sourpuss uberdykes. I can't figure out how to unsub and they won't kick me off even if I stir the pot with both hands.
Summer is here in Texas now and it's too hot to go outside between 10 am and 7 pm.
I managed to go to the post office at 3, but I am still damp from that minimal exposure to outside temperatures. It's time to start canoodling with my pool owning friends.
With summer comes a more rotten disposition and tons more bitchiness from me.
Maybe I should move North. Nah, I hate snow and freezing weather and fail to see how those fucking autumn leaves can compensate for what follows.
I've seen Vermont in autumn, and yes it's spectacular, but then comes winter and they are cabin bound and stir crazy like rats on a ship.
In other news, Ralph Nader has launched a demand for an inquiry into the NBA referees screwing the Kings out of a conference title against the Lakers. It's a scandal, I tell you, and even Ralph the Head Nerd is pissed off.

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