Friday, June 21, 2002

Vegas on the Fourth?

"LAS VEGAS (June 21) - The FBI said Thursday it is investigating a Nevada man's claim that he picked up a conversation in Arabic on his cell phone during which someone said there would be a ''hit'' on the ''day of freedom.''

A hit on Vegas? I wonder if they plan to hit the Aladdin Casino?
Those poor shmucks, they reopened the Aladdin last year after spending hundreds of millions remodeling it. They financed it on junk bonds and outrageous projected earnings.
Soon after their grand reopening, the terrorists attacked the WTC and the Pentagon, and thinned out Vegas visitors were not too keen on spending their gambling dollars in a casino with a Middle Eastern theme.
The Aladdin has declared bankruptcy, though they are still operating. Gee, I wonder if their slots are tight?
I dropped into the Aladdin to gamble a bit when I was in Vegas last April. The live music was loud and horrible, the drink service was slow and the machines were tighter than my jeans from high school. I lost about a hundred bucks in an hour or so and left, never to return.
They may as well have had bin Laden and Al Qaida slot machines for all the business they didn't have. The cocktail waitresses may as well have worn burqas for all the hiding out they were doing.
Anyway, I don't think terrorists will hit Vegas.
There are too many cameras all over, too many armed guards and too many free drinks and hookers to distract them.

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