Friday, June 07, 2002


I forgot to make plans tonight, and I am thoroughly bored.
I am so bored I'm watching something on Showtime about Reagan getting shot by that poor schnook John Hinkley who thought Jodie Foster a) was straight and b) might give him a tumble if he offed the president.
I like the lady playing Nancy Reagan, she's a real bitch, just like Nancy.
I didn't know Reagan almost died, nor did I know how much everything was screwed up with the chain of command while Reagan was comatose. Al Haig was a real knob acting like he was in charge. Richard Dreyfus is playing Al, and he's also a knob.
I wonder if that bullet jogged Ronnie's Alzheimer's button or something?
My first experience with Ronnie was when he was Governor of California. First thing he did was implement a state income tax.
Texans don't pay state income tax and we don't like living in states that expect us to pay it. And that's my take on Ronnie Reagan.

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