Saturday, June 08, 2002

Blog Soup: Part 1

Since Sunday is Blog Salad day, I think today will be Blog Soup day.
Okay. Let's get started.
I am a left wing liberal journalista and I live by the first amendment, but last night on HBO I saw the tail end of the hilarious Chris Rock show and his musical act was over the top.
A guy named Mystikal came out with three dancer/singer chicks shaking their asses, which was fine, no problem.
The song (Shake Somethin') was so graphic, I was embarrassed for this idiot's mother.
In case we didn't get the lyrics, he demonstrated them by dry humping the dancers between stanzas.
I was going to post the lyrics but they were too gross. They're on the web, see for yourself.
Why do these rappers leave nothing to the imagination in their "love" songs?
I watched in grotesque fascination, remembering long ago the Temptations singing, "Just My Imagination," and what a totally sensual song that was. Even Marvin Gaye's, "Let's Get it On" was bold but so restrained.
Chris Rock said later, on Bob Costa's Show, that he didn't like ice skating because it was too gay and too white. Fine, he has a point.
I don't like most rap music because it's too ignorant, too blatant, too violent and too graphic. So much rap talks about respect, yet I am supposed to respect some clown who sings about having his dick in his hand and what he wants to do with it?
We have enough ignorant youth breeding like lab rats without porn rap providing them the beat by which to hump. I fail to see how some of these rap artists could lower their sights any further.
I am not saying it should be banned or censored.
In fact, when the defunct rap group 2LiveCrew released, "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" in 1989, I bought a copy (and gave it away) just to protest Tipper Gore's demand that albums be rated like films.
It's fine to release garbage. It's fine to like garbage, but when someone as brilliant and well regarded as Chris Rock plays host to a scumbag like Mystikal, it drags down the quality of his show.
Rock and his wife are expecting a baby girl.
I bet he doesn't invite Mystikal to perform at the christening.

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