Friday, June 21, 2002

A Reprieve!

Just as I was packing to go to Austin to spend the night at the hospital with my mother, my sister called and said Mom was out of the hospital, feeling great and didn't need company, just some quiet, restful time in her own bed.
Driving up I-35 on shimmering hot asphalt in 95º heat, with bumper to bumper commuter traffic, amidst a $35 zillion highway construction project so I could spend the night in a hospital filled with mutated bacteria and nasty germs that would do a Motel 6 proud was a nightmare in the making.
To think, I have a whole weekend free to isolate, vegetate, contemplate and luxuriate in my own house, with my own cats, with my own computer, my own TV and my own little bed. Hallelujah!
Now, if you slugs would just give me some feedback, life would be perfecto.

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