Sunday, June 09, 2002

Blog Salad Sunday

• Robert the handyman's wife Sylvia called me this afternoon.
As you may recall, Robert is my long term yardguy and handyman who's in the hospital after heart valve surgery and a myriad of other illnesses.
Seems Robert rallied earlier in the week, he was awake and able to respond to questions by nodding his head. Things were looking up.
This morning his ventilator or something got clogged and he started to lose blood pressure fast and had to have CPR. There's a team of doctors in with him now and they said it could go either way. Sylvia is a wreck and so are his three little sons. So am I, but like them I am powerless over the outcome.

• I mowed my lawn earlier today while the weather was hot and windy, so I have inhaled roughly 20% of every plant allergen known to mankind. I have a headache like I was smacked in the back of the head by a snow shovel. Canadian Tylenol with codeine has only served to make me stupid and still headachy.

• I went to the grocery store after mowing the lawn, and apparently it was toddler running free day. I managed to run over three and I winged another in the soda aisle.
Children under two feet tall have no business pushing grocery carts.

• Georgia peaches are on sale and I finally got some that don't taste like Styrofoam sprayed with peach scented air freshener. I'd make a fresh cobbler, except I don't want any company coming over because I am isolating this weekend.

More blog salad later, my head hurts so much I think napping is the only option.

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